My Food

Click on the images to see my inspiring menus for any occasion. I have 4 themes to choose from. Alternatively you can view or download a PDF of all of the menus at the bottom of this page.


Elegance (8-15 guests, £60 ph)

Signature (6-15 guests, £67.50 ph)

Prestige (6-15 guests, £75 ph)

Opulent (6-15 guests, £100 ph)

Larger events

If you are planning a bigger event with 16+ guests then check out my grazing options. These have the same great quality and variety as my other menus. Choose from warm, cold and dessert selections. £40 per head for 4 bowls and any additional bowls at £5 per bowl.


All of the menu options for you to browse

John’s Book of Food